Surtees 5.5 a Sweet Little Cabin Boat

I AM a very patriotic Australian but need to give credit where credit is due. The rear facing seats could double as a spot to put the kids when under way or a great place to sit back and relax while you fish. It has a rear bench seat that would probably be an even better place to put the kids or crew when under way. The internal design is pretty functional, maximising the room …

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AMM small boat review

A bit of room between the console and casting deck is an ideal place for an Esky. Depending on how you intend to use the boat, you could extend the casting platform so it wraps around the Esky. I guess that is the main advantage of having the boat specifically set up how you want, which is what the guys …

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Sea-Rod 520 side console review

As mentioned, this is the smallest of the Offshore Side Console models, with others between 5.7m and 6.75m overall length. So if you are after a big boat with good performance and heaps of fishing room, it would be worthwhile checking out the Sea-Rod range. Another positive is they are Australian built for our harsh conditions. I was very impressed with the quality of work and in particular the welds. The wide gunwales are fully …

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Rosco Scamper canoe review

To get water out of the Scamper, all you need to do is lift one end and roll it over. There is no lip to trap water at either end, so it’s easy to wash out. Different models are available in the Scamper range, including the solo I have mentioned and a two-seater. The two-seater is slightly heavier at 20kg, but both craft …

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Bar Crusher Gen2 – evolution in plate aluminium boat design

Bar Crusher director Peter Cleland said one of the company’s core values were to provide its customers with boats that delivered the highest level of performance and function. “Over 18 months of research, development and testing were invested in the Gen2 hull and we’re confident customers will appreciate the clever design and engineering that has gone into creating this unique …

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Rosco Bass Catcher review

You could see the wake behind the outriggers and stern of the boat, which gives a good indication of speed. Again, you may not use the sail every time but it does add to its versatility and turns this canoe into a multi-use craft. So if you are after more than just an ordinary canoe and want to expand your …

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Procraft boats pack a punch on a budget

Even though these boats are price oriented, they still have a long list of standard inclusions. Things such as self-draining anchor well, carpeted floor, side pockets, raised carpeted casting platform with storage hatch, underfloor fuel tank, and upholstered swivel seats are all included in the price of the 4.7m model. In fact there is a lengthy list, with everything you need to hit the water including rego and safety gear. Obviously you can deck Procraft boats out a …

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Savage Fibreglass boat review

The 485C is a compact cabin boat that would be excellent for first-timers. Sporting quality stainless fittings, lift out rear quarter seats and generous cabin space, this boat will attract a lot of interest. With a 75hp Evinrude engine there was plenty of zip and zing across a relatively smooth sea and good range from the 65 litre underfloor tank. While the mechanical …

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Top value with Baysport 640 Fishing

And first impressions were good, with plenty of punch out of the hole and a nice low planing speed of around 21km/h at 3000rpm. Wide open it hit just under 70km/h at 6000rpm, and even though very stable and safe you wouldn’t run it at this speed for long as the fuel burn would be quite high. Instead somewhere around …

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