Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Review

Whether it’s a power pack, solar panel, solar generator, lantern or even speakers, Goal Zero has a product to get you powered up, regardless of how remote your location may be. Back to the aptly named Torch 250 (combined LED light output of 250 lumens) – weighing a scant 408g, you won’t be weighed down as you trek across Australia’s …

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New model Proline Angler for Stacer 2016

The new Striker Series hull features wider chines that not only provide a smooth and dry ride but excellent stability at rest and under way, creating ideal conditions for fishing from the casting platforms. The new bow design featured on the Striker Series creates an 11 percent increase in the size of the front casting platform as well as extra …

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New look for Mercury Marine’s 8hp and 9.9hp FourStroke outboards

MERCURY Marine is introducing a newly designed top cowl for its 8hp and 9.9hp FourStroke outboards, along with new graphics for its powerful and precise 9.9hp ProKicker outboard. The new top cowl, with a contemporary and forward-looking design, aligns the 8hp and 9.9hp engines with the rest of Mercury’s FourStroke outboard line-up. Likewise, the new graphics on the 9.9hp Pro …

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Patrols Out in Force These School Holidays

Marine Park green zones are critical for protecting and conserving the biodiversity of marine ecosystems. They help protect fish breeding and nursery habitats such as seagrasses, mangroves, and shoals. Green zones are more important than ever as the Reef ecosystem recovers from the worst coral bleaching event to hit the Marine Park — doing whatever we can to minimise impacts is …

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Leading boating equipment from Harrold Marine

Harold Marine Wholesale was established in 1994 by Malcolm and Sandi Harrold and is based in Acacia Ridge. Harrold Marine is the appointed distributor for a number of leading boating equipment including brands such as Bennett, Bomar, U-Line, Quick and Doga. These brands are synonymous with quality and function. Bennett Bennett Trim Tab kits are available in various configurations and both hydraulic and …

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Alvey Gunnell Rod

NOT often does a new style of fishing come along, but Jase Teelow of Cairns developed this one. The all-new Alvey Gunnell Rod makes deep-sea fishing easy. Charter and game boat operators and all deep-sea anglers will be keen to have one of these setups on their boat. Perfect for clients who cannot handle heavy combos, the Gunnell Rod is a lesson …

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Wilson Fish Storage Bag

CARRYING your catch from the boat to the cleaning table has always been a drama. So too has been the ability to keep fish intended for food cold on a boat without a kill tank or live well. These problems no longer exist with the release of the Wilson Fish Storage Bags. Two bags in the range comprise a medium 144cm long …

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Redlands: Fisher fined for obstructing officer

stronger fisheries laws black market

QUEENSLAND Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers enforce fisheries laws to ensure the sustainability of Queensland’s fisheries resources. Officers undertake patrols across the state and have powers to board and search recreational and commercial fishing vessels to ensure compliance with state fisheries laws. Last week, a Redlands man was ordered by the Cleveland Magistrates’ Court to pay $1800 for obstruction of …

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Suzuki Marine Makes Waves with Power of Choice Black and White motors

THE Haines Group and Suzuki Marine are making waves in and out of the water by introducing the Power of Choice with limited-edition white motors now available. Customers now have the choice to buy a Suzuki Marine four-stroke outboard motor in either Cool White or the traditional Shadow Black Metallic. Available through special order, the white motors offer customers the chance …

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Where To Mount a Winch

AN anchor serves an important purpose on a boat. When people want to stop their boat to go fishing the anchor is lowered so they can stay on one spot. For generations, anchors were manually released and taken in. This is hard work and can be a challenge, especially with a heavy boat and strong tides. A winch makes it easier …

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