Quintrex’s new Stealth Hornet takes fishing to the extreme

quintrex 530 stealth hornet

QUINTREX has released an angler’s dream in the Stealth Hornet, which is packed full of features designed to land that perfect catch. The Stealth Hornet comes in 470, 510 and 530 models and is ideal for zipping through creeks and estuaries. Compared to the existing Hornet models, the Stealth Hornet boasts a 30 percent increase in storage and front casting …

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Nautilus Marine insights into boat insurance

BUSH ‘n Beach has brought Nautilus Marine Insurance on board to expand the fine print and provide readers with clear, easy-to-understand and helpful tips on protecting their boating assets. The scenario You want to get into serious offshore fishing. You’ve got a boat that is up to the task but you’re not sure whether any insurance companies will cover you …

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Quintrex releases new Yellowfin Southerner

yellowfin southerner 7000 and 7600

QUINTREX has expanded its popular Yellowfin line-up by adding two new models: the 7000 Southerner and 7600 Southerner. In early 2016, Quintrex revamped the entire Yellowfin range, releasing an improved-riding hull and unique modern look. Now Quintrex has released two new models designed to tackle the rough and tough conditions experienced offshore. The cabin length has been extended by 300mm, …

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Brisbane Boat Show returns to South Bank

2017 brisbane boat show

Being an exclusive boating-only show, exhibitors are able to provide expert advice and specific knowledge to visitors. The latest and greatest displays of products and services will be on show from all the major brands across the country. Spread across halls two, three and four, the event promises to deliver a combination of excellent locally made rigs together with brilliant …

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Introducing Quintrex’s ground-breaking Frontier range

quintrex frontier range apex hull

Built on Quintrex’s new Apex Hull, the Frontier features an increased flared bottom sheet for greater water contact and a smoother ride. With 4mm bottom sheets and 3mm side sheets across the range, these boats are built to last. The new Raised Side Deck features increased freeboard by 80mm and also allows for concealed controls. With four stainless steel rod …

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Sea Jay 458 Stealth review

458 Stealth

This is the maximum rated horsepower for the 458 Stealth but it had very impressive fuel consumption to boot, with almost 4km per litre economy at the optimal cruising speed. However, this engine will be economical at most speeds, and when combined with the reverse chine and flat planing hull of the Sea Jay Stealth, you get a boat that …

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Explore new possibilities in a Quintrex Freestyler

quintrex freestyler range 630 apex hull

QUINTREX’S newly released Freestyler range allows you to reach full boating potential, offering unsurpassed versatility and performance. Available as 510, 530, 550, 590 and 630 models, there is a Freestyler to suit a range of budgets and needs. The Freestyler range is built on the ground-breaking Apex Hull using a wider, sweeping chine design to improve rough water performance. To …

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Cruise Craft adds HardTop to Outsider range

cruise craft outsider 595 hardtop

The hard top for the Outsider 595 is styled similarly to the existing HardTop models in the Cruise Craft Explorer line-up, the 685, 625 and 595. The HardTop styling is distinctive and unique to Cruise Craft. A recent surge in hard top boat popularity is well founded. The Cruise Craft design is flowing, in proportion and expertly tooled. It is …

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New models added to the Quintrex Fishabout range

quintrex fishabout runabout

QUINTREX has expanded its popular Runabout range to now include 570 and 610 Fishabout models. The Fishabout range offers great no-fuss boats for all ages, appropriate for young families to first boat owners looking to get out on the water over the weekend. With rod holders, drink holders and a transom step and rail, the Fishabout range has all the …

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Quintrex releases Apex Hull

quintrex apex hull

The flare on the new hull is carried further aft to maintain continual contact with the water when on the plane, which creates a smoother ride. A wider, sweeping chine design on the Apex Hull opens the front of the hull to allow the flaring to carry further forward up the stem line, consequently improving rough water performance. By widening …

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