atomic hardz vib 70

Atomic Hardz Vib 70

SUPER-tuned and super-sized, the new 70mm Atomic Vib now sees the Atomic Hardz Vib range as the complete series, with three sizes (50mm, 60mm and 70mm) making up this impressive range.

Designed and tuned to swim straight and true all the time, every time, the new 70mm model is a lure that can handle a host of retrieve speeds and deliver the angler a range of presentation options. The largest in the series, the 70mm version’s quarry includes Murray cod and barramundi, which will find it hard to resist the rattling intruder.

Freshwater species aren’t the only fish that will fall in love with the new lure, with flathead, mangrove jack, mulloway, trevally, snapper and a variety of offshore species destined to smash the new Atomic Hardz Vib.

Available in 18 popular colours with a weight of 15.5g.

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